Wednesday, April 27, 2011

super fun animating after effects 5000 deluxe plus

also! I just made all this stuff for my first serious (not really so serious..) animation in after effects.  I wanted to make something reminiscent of traditional animation since after effects is not exactly that kind of program.  It's about hedgehog dudes running around the woods... and stuff... we'll see.                                                                                                                       


I was gonna post older things I've done, but now I think I'm gonna skip it and just start from the here and now! so here is what I made this week: people in their underthings fighting crime.
More to come I think... maybe I'll make a whole squadron.


I make them! I'm writing a webcomic called wizerrds which you can read at and am also working on another short comic called the "the league of extraordinary illustrators" which will be online.... when I finish it.  This is just some of the doodles and concept drawings I've done for my comic!?!?!

 And so on and so forth.  I exhibited (for the first time anywhere ever!) my comic stuff at moccafest two weeks back, and even though I felt a little overwhelmed it was superfun and I got to talk to all kinds of people and illustrators I admire! I even sold some watercolors I made! art boners all around


Another blog- just what the internet always wanted! This is kind of a late-in-the-game blog so I'll try not to dump everything I've ever done... just a little context I guess!